About us

Why we created this project?

In connection with the increasing attempts of various government agencies to control the activity of citizens on the Internet, block many resources and block access to information, we decided to slightly increase the ability of ordinary citizens to counter the restriction of their rights.

It is no secret that well-known VPN service providers often meet the requirements of supervisory authorities and also block access to various resources in different countries. In addition, there are known cases of sale of these users by large providers of VPN services.

Therefore, a personal VPN server becomes an urgent need.

But in itself, setting up such a server is a significant problem for the average user.
This is the problem our application solves. Just getting the API key from a hosting provider or just logged in to the application, any person in 3 clicks will be able to raise their own VPN server, to which no one but him, will not have access.

The server will be deployed in your personal capacity in your hosting provider's account. The server can be deleted at any time.
You will have to pay only for the time that the server 'lived', without any fees to the VPN provider.

But the main thing is absolute control over this server, nobody knows its IP except you, nobody has the keys to it.

As for our application - it is nothing more than a convenient tool to work with the API of a hosting provider, performs for you requests to create a server and install the necessary software. After that its work is finished, you have to configure the VPN on your device yourself, except for the Android application, which connects automatically.
On personal computers, we did not consciously do this because we do not know what software is already present on your machines and what conflicts may arise, in addition, we are categorically against asking you for the administrator's passwords from the application, which are necessary to install the software on most platforms.

We have written instructions that you can use to configure the VPN on any device.

No data to access the VPN server is stored by the application. Save them yourself.